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Anand Law Practice is a reputed full service law firm

Anand Law Practice is a reputed full service law firm based in India offering unmatched legal services to corporations, multinational entities across the Globe.  It is the epitome of a legal profession holding the field for more than 3 decades having founded in the year 1986. Its ideals and visions combined with professional excellence contributed to the development of the legal profession.

Anand Law Practice has evaluated its consistently effective client representation. The firm adheres to ethical standards, achieves a positive outcome, provide good value, instills confidence and achieves a “trusted adviser relationship with many clients. This seminal characteristic is the seal of Anand Law Firm.

Anand Law Practice’s success lies in the practice of valuing all its lawyers and staff, not just equity partners.  It is diverse at all levels, gender-blind with pay and promotion, and has a success in the plan.  It is building for the future and it recognizes the importance of business process and technology as well as legal expertise, in the delivery of legal services.

The firm has its persons all over India and has strategic alliances with many other law firms and eminent lawyers to provide best and quality services for its client. We have expanded our services and are well equipped to the extent of accommodating the interest of foreign companies indenting to grow their operations in India.

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