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5 Getaways to cure your wanderlust

5 Getaways To Cure Your Wanderlust

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page…”
St. Augustine

Needless to say, now that summers have arrived and all you are seen doing is flip across those neat and crisp pages of the table top calendar full of dates as to which romantic destination to head off to as an escapade from the urban din and bustle, that we all are exposed to, as city dwellers, given our tiring schedule of work and more work!

Travel is not a Luxury but a Bare Necessity

Whenever the topic of travel and wanderlust comes to the mind, there is this sense of exhilaration and adventure that overwhelms our senses. Travel in many senses is not mere luxury but a bare necessity and some soul curry for our overall well being, rejuvenation, wellness and inspiration to bounce back refreshed in our taxing life routine that squeezes our energy, determination, and motivation.

Travel enthusiasts, tourists, and students need to travel to inspire and self-motivate or for that matter, simply burst the stress of their daily routine. As a result fulfilling the needs, priorities, and requirements of the traveller.

So what are you waiting for? As an adventure lover, brace yourself, tighten your seat belts, let your hair down and set the sails high as you can navigate, fly and ride your way through these five less explored and seen summer getaways far away from the great Indian summer.

1) Gurez, Kashmir awaits your presence:

Gurez, Kashmir

Travel enthusiasts can take cues from hotels and lodges that are promoted by a PR agency for travel when they head off to Gurez which is considered to be one of the most picture pretty valleys that Kashmir has. Otherwise known as the Gateway of the ancient ‘Silk Route’, Gurez also has the pyramid shaped ‘Habba Khatoon’ peak named after the 16th century Kashmiri origin poetess. Even though the tourist infrastructure still remains to be developed in this area, accommodation facility can be found in nearby villages and the main town of Dawar. The strikingly beautiful Kishen Ganga river flows through Gurez valley with its clear blue waters and one can indulge in a pleasurable rafting experience here.

 2) Banaras, the City of Temples and Ghats allures

tourist place banaras, India

The ever travelling you might have headed off to Delhi, Agra as well as Jaipur and there might be a craving and urge you that sees you being a part of this new experience to invigorate your spirit. Well think no further as Varanasi, which dons the title of being India’s spiritual city, oozes with magic and mystery to the traveller’s delight. So take a trip to this unique destination on the banks of the holy Ganges River and immerse yourself in its atmosphere. It’s also an exhilarating and captivating place to visit once to be able to get past the urban din and bustle. It all depends on your mood of the moment that is there Golden travel tip: Stay updated with travel plans and programmes which you can find online.  A Travel agency that knows as to what to do exactly will help you in turn avail great travel solutions, deals and offers as the traveller.

3) Be Game for Orchha, Madhya Pradesh :

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh'sThe thirsty traveller in you will never settle down for less as this historic small town situated on the Betwa River stands silent witness to Mughal-inspired Rajput architecture in the form of magnificent palaces, ancient temples and last but not the least, royal chhatris (cenotaphs). Interestingly Orchha has to its atmosphere a relaxed and stress-free aura if one compares northern Madhya Pradesh’s monument landscape, Khajuraho. What’s more? Besides homestay options there are ample opportunities to take delight and pleasure wandering through the surrounding pastoral countryside, besides cycling, walking, and not to forget rafting.

4) Pondicherry Embraces the traveler in you


Historically, the union territory of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry; generally known as ‘Pondy’) was under the French rule until 1954. As a result of which some of the populace here still speak French (English with French accents). This summer destination in the south of India has restaurants, hotels, and boutiques and shops that sell a romantic fusion and mix of French-sub continental aesthetic knick knacks, artistic articles and novelties. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, famed worldwide with its offshoot just north of town, Auroville, witnesses a sizeable number of spiritually inclined visitors.

On the other hand, the older ‘French’ part of town has clean and quiet streets, lined with signature bougainvillea-draped colonial-style townhouses numbered in an almost logical manner. When in this part of India, indulge in fabulous shopping, French cuisine, yoga, and meditation.

5) Dial T for Travel and T for Tawang


Tawang finds its place in the tourist map as a land of beauteous rivers, streams, clouds, mist, snow, waterfalls, huge valleys of mountains and nature preserved at its virgin, unchartered form. You have to see it to believe it as there is so much to travel around once you head off to this unexplored place. Needless to say, Tawang has to herself tender beauty that is to be seen once in a lifetime.

Located at Arunachal Pradesh, North East India, there is the Sela Pass, followed by Jaswant Garh, Tawang War Memorial, and Tawang Monastery.

How to Promote your Travel Agency

First things first, to begin with, even while being a traveller you may as well believe in the saying that states, “I am the king of all I survey” but then again we live in a digitized and connected world where the world wide web rules and is the king infact!

Let’s face the truth, any business model to survive in the present digital era needs visibility. For a Travel Agency to survive the cut throat competition of where we eat, breathe and live digitally has to execute winning phases leading to the process involving the Digital marketing of travel agency that come under:

  • Making the travel portal user friendly for travellers: As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, likewise, the look and feel and visual impact bit of your travel themed website should be attractive and easy to read and navigate for travellers who log in. Besides a high priority fool proof travel agency promotion plan content that is there to be found on the website should be clear and crisp. Message should be clear as to what you do as solutions and service providers besides the fact that what do you exactly want from your visitor. One more thing is the functionality part of your travel website.
  • Stick with Social Media: Yes, it’s a fact that in today’s competitive business era, social media presence and visibility proves crucial for a business model’s success and progress. For that, you have to create a page or a community with genuine people ‘Likes’ interactive and live videos which platforms like Facebook, as for instance offers besides providing promotional testimonials.
  • Know who your audience is: Relevancy of the audience you are catering to in your respective domain and space is crucial and vital. These include what are your audience’s interests? What is the USP that will pursue your audience to buy your solution, & service offered. What emotion influences, motivates and pushes and pulls your audience towards your products and deals and offers?
  • Earning Goodwill and Trust: People will only deal and buy with some solutions and services provider in your case being a travel agent involves a high level of trust and goodwill with regard to your relationship with your patrons and clients and customers.
  • Business Penetration and development in high tourist areas: This phase answers your question how to improve travel agent business. Always advertise, market your travel business model with spaces and platforms like travel themed portals, cafes, lounges, city landmarks.

Going by the traditional media approach is not advisable rather there should be an advanced marketing mix for a travel agency to sustain itself digitally that goes beyond bygone means of making use of media tools as flyers and brochures for the success of your travel business model.

Additionally, joining websites and platforms like Google Places and TripAdvisor becomes a necessity for all tours and activities.

In a huge landscape as India, Travel is an idea which can be carried out even on a shoe string budget just like the Western and European tourists do when they visit exotic terrains and lands faraway, complete with crew shirts, bandanas on head and comfortable shorts, with only travel being their priority. This goes without saying that ideally any good travel consultancy achieves desirable tourist footfalls by understanding the priorities of travel enthusiasts.

Enjoy the Wandering!

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