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5 Smart Moves To Boost SEO Ranking of Your Website

5 Smart Moves To Boost SEO Ranking

Since, the entire business world is going gaga over the amazing reach and high engagement level of digital marketing, it is imperative to use these concepts to boost the SEO ranking of your website.

There are various start-ups and renowned enterprises that struggle to maintain the top slots in the Google ranking simply because of a weak SEO campaign. In spite of great focus on keywords in terms of density, placement and optimization, some campaigns fail to perform well. Hence, a thorough review is necessary to find solutions to these issues in order to save time, energy and budget allocated to the campaign.

In order to boost the ranking of your website, capturing a humongous amount of traffic is necessary on the website. The task doesn’t end here as retaining that traffic is the next step to improve rankings. High engagement quotient, enhanced user experience, appealing layout are the major factors that influence the ratings on the web. Here’s a preview of some smart moves that guarantee good ratings and high rankings.

1.User Experience: A great user experience ensures that the visitor stays on the website for a longer period of time. The layout, design and content plays major role in enhancing the user experience.

Does your website fulfill the objective of the user?

Is s/he gets the information s/he is looking for?

Is the response time faster?

Is your website easy to use?

 All these questions should be answered effectively while designing the website. If the user is satisfied with all these factors, he will not navigate to some other site and will come back for quality information. Thus, improving the ranking of the website. Make sure that you do not have any blank pages or errors on the website! Websites with higher engagement quotient are ranked higher on the search engines.

2.Strong Content: A unique, crisp, quirky, relevant and useful content is good for the traffic on the website. Informative content ensures that the visitors come back again and may bookmark the page for reference, this will definitely boost your ranking on Google. The content should offer quality information and use top searched keyword judiciously.

3.Keywords Management: Keywords are the heart and soul of your website. An intelligent selection of the most searched keywords on the web should be incorporated in the content strategically. Proper placement and density of the keywords are other factors that will boost your rankings. Optimizing keyword on regular intervals will keep your content unique and hence, push your ratings in the top slots.

4.Social Media Marketing: Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are buzzing these days when it comes to brand marketing and promotion. A lot of traffic can be generated from these sites. Therefore, interlinking your website, sharing posts, engaging people and promoting your brand on social media not only improves your ranking but attract new visitors and create a powerful brand image.

5.Website’s Navigation & Interlinking: Google pays special attention to the layout and structure of your website. Interlinking the pages on your website also improves the ranking on search engine. Make sure to no-index pages with duplicate content are deleted. Do a thorough analysis using various software available in the market.

Apart from these 5 smart moves, your website’s loading speed, good meta descriptions, optimization, local listings and reviews are some easy and effective factors that can boost the presence of your website over the web. 

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