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Advertising to Digital Marketing

Advertising is an ever growing, innovative industry.

Experimenting with every medium that it has found along the way to help brands and products be seen be heard. This industry has shown us innovative use of mediums and broken boundaries, and still continues to do so. Bringing us to the latest medium that has caught the advertiser’s fancy, digital meets physical.

With the outburst in digital advertising and the innovations that we have seen in that space over just the last few years, advertisers quickly realized that what really matters is the experience that people associate with a brand or product. This led to another outburst in interactive marketing. But there was something missing. Interactive with one’s computer screen was fair and good but that left people wanting for more, which a screen could not provide. The answer, marry the tangible with digital and thus came about a new medium of advertising which is heavily experience centric.

Here are a few great campaigns that have used this medium extremely well.

1) Stride Chewing Gum: Welcome To Gumulon

A new game form Stride Gum, that lets you chew your way through an action packed mobile game based off facial recognition technology. Chew fast, chew slow, chew big or small, every way you do it, you’ll activate different moves to work your way through the game. Love it.

2) Adobe Nordic: Photoshop Live-Street Retouch Prank

This might just be the best bus stop ever created, promoting Adobe’s “CreativeDays,” a series of 14 events across the EMEA, with this clever stunt that Photoshopped people standing at a bus stop in real-time and displayed the images on a dedicated digital AdShel inside the bus stop!

3) Nivea: Solar Ad Charger

NIVEA, created a Solar Powered iPhone Charger Print Ad to promote their ‘Sun’ line of products… Whilst this is completely genius as a utility, I’m actually pretty confused as to how/why it relates to NIVEA’s sun protection products. Still full marks for doing something this crazy on print.

4) Antarctica Beer: The Beer Turnstile

This is a great stunt from Antarctica Beer during the 2013 Carnival in Rio, where they’ve turned typical train turnstiles into beer-can reading machines, which essentially turns any Antarctica Beer into a free train ticket to get you home after a long day/night partying!

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