Asian Designer Week Season-2016 - Stratton Leo Communication
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asian designer week 2016

Asian Designer Week Season-2016

Stratton Leo Communication was proud PR Partner for iGenius Group’s Asian Designer Week- 2016, Season- III. Fashion is a language.

The language does not know borders and has no limitations. This thing was truly witnessed at the Asian Designer Week 2016. The 2 day event held at Talkatora Stadium hosted international designers from across Asia who displayed their work, which was not limited to fabrics and designs. The art work was extravagant. The collections were visionary. Her designs had a futuristic view which is why she used aluminum foils in a classic way. The show was a fusion of ideas. A futuristic approach met the traditional art work done by Hardika Gulati, where she included the designs inspired by palaces of India. Designer Hina Madhumai’s collection was inspired by the SMOG!

Asian Designer Week- 2016 was a place where fashion met national concern too. Designer Danisha showcased her collection on Demonetization. Renowned celebrity Manara Chopra looked ravishing when she walked for Designer AshimaS. Ms. Neha Gupta, Miss India International, 2007 also marked her presence in the show.

The fashion gala had Newgen Asian Designers, International Asian Designers, Nextgen Fresh Talent Designers, Nextgen Fashionpreneurs who showcased their spectacular designs in a wonderful way.

Highlights of ADW

  • Designer- centric show
  • Immense Business Opportunities
  • International Associations
  • Cross-Cultural Exchanges
  • Learning platform
  • Exhibitions & B2C Interactions
  • Media & Promotions
  • Digital Technology

Organized by iGenius Entertainment, The ADW pre-finale witnessed an amazing work by Asian designers like Richa Ranawant and Sarang Jain, Nikheil Bassan, Rivendra Singh & Twinkle. The show was concluded with an astonishing grand finale where international Asian designers Ivonne Magdalena from Indonesia showcased her Vone Clothing. Saaj by Ankita from India was also an important part of the finale.

War Of Design Ideas

This season witnessed an amalgamation of collections inspired by the Indian heritage, traditional concepts and futuristic approach to the modern Indian clothing, all under one roof on a common platform!

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