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BENQ launches Miacare’s ‘SOHO’ and ‘Delight’ for the Joy of Eyes

15th September 2017

In addition to the pre-existing products the brand offers, BENQ is all set to launch Miacare’s ‘SOHO’ and ‘DELIGHT’ in India.

New Delhi | Thursday, 14th September 2017: BENQ has always been known as the world’s leading human technology and solution providing organization driven by the vision of ‘Bringing enjoyment and quality to life’. This time it is all set to launch a set of healthy and comfortable set of contact lenses named ‘SOHO’ and ‘DELIGHT’.

Believing that eyes have their own vocabulary, the lenses have been divided into two categories.

  1. SOHO Daily Soft Contact Lens:
  2. DELIGHT Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens

Mr from BENQ said, “We intend to conquer the market segment with products to satisfy our customers’ needs, promoting quality, affordable health, and safety. We will expand the brand across. We are investing in the Indian market to place the brand. The products will be available in all the leading stores & across India. We do have plans to come online with U-Grow. The brand will be present on the portals like Amazon, Flipkart.”

“In a short span of time, has become a renowned European brand in across the world. We feel that India has a potential market as the industry is growing really well. We want to mark our presence in the Indian market as well as international space.” said Mr

“No other brand has in its contact lenses the features of 100% oxygen transmissibility, pH 7.2, world’s first and only solvent-free formula based and UV blocking protection. Keeping these things and other dilemmas of contact lens users in mind, Miacare has come up with these categories of lenses.” Quoted Dr.

SOHO Daily Soft Contact Lens: They have been designed keeping in mind eye health, all day moisturizing and comfort. SOHO owns following features-

  • EAUMAX 3D Aqua-Chain Technology- It provides double moisturizing agents (Hyaluronic Acid i.e. HA & Sodium Alginate i.e. SA) to the lenses which retain a high degree of moisture and are highly compatible with human body.
  • HA lacks moisture in both inside and outside of the lenses and helps inhibit tear evaporation to keep the lenses moist whereas SA helps extend and retain the moisturizing effect of HA.
  • Round Edge Design- Increases the oxygen transmissibility which in turn reduces the irritation caused by contact lens abrasion.
  • UV Blocking- Blocks up to 84% UVA rays and 98% UVB rays slowing down corneal degeneration while lowering the risk of crystalline lens aging or cataract.
  • pH 7.2 Similar to tears- Packaged in gentle, non-irritating pH 7.2 solution similar to tears maintaining the natural healthy state of the eye.

DELIGHT Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens- Miacare incorporates its world-leading EautraSil Hydrophilic Silicone Technology to modify the structure of these lenses. DELIGHT owns three major features-

  • Enhanced health- It has ultra-high oxygen transmissibility, world’s highest Dk/t 187.5 and water film with a smaller wetting angle.
  • Improved safety- Deposit resistance, world’s first and only solvent-free formula based and UV blocking protection.
  • Increased Comfort- It has double moisturizing agents, a water content of 47% and lowest modulus at 0.6 MPa.
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