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This Father’s Day Let Your ‘Heroes’ know they are Unique!Gift them

Gift them ‘unique pendants’ from ‘DARSH’ by PCJ

We will not be wrong in saying that women and Jewelry are synonymous with each other. Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when it comes to wooing women nothing can beat an adorable piece of solitaire! A symbol of love, respect, and gratitude, ornaments, and jewels have always been a beautiful way to express emotions for your loved ones. Since ages, men have also been buying jewelry for their daughters, wives, and sisters but when it comes to jewelry for men, we usually go clueless!

Father’s day is around the corner and it is the best day to pamper ‘The Heroes of our Life’. Leave those cliché gifts and give something that they will want to keep for years. Marking the occasion of Father’s Day, PCJ, India’s leading jewelry brand has launched their new collection—DARSH by PCJ that focuses on jewelry for men.

DARSH, an exclusive collection by the renowned brand, has been dedicatedly designed to provide an exquisite range of 22Kt pendants for men, complimenting the chivalrousness and sturdy characteristics of men.

Catering to the new concepts in vogue, the designs have been made bold using geometric forms & 3D shapes with a modern, edgy look that adds a dash of freshness to the pendants. The use of Cubic Zircon in subtle form sets them apart and seems to sprinkle the love on gilded treasures. An amalgamation of several techniques such as frosting, high polish, textured, and enameling further compliments the design.

Throwing light on the collection, Mr. R K Sharma, Executive Director and COO, PC Jeweller said “Through DARSH, we’ve tried to give in a modern, contemporary twist to the traditional pendants for men that are very much wearable and look elegant. The collection has a unique theme wherein strong qualities have been depicted through geometric 3D designs, which is a unique concept.”

“Father’s day is a perfect occasion to gift something unique to your father. A pendant that depicts their personality in a beautiful way is an ideal gift,” he added.

All the pendants have their names with powerful and beautiful meanings that will compliment the personality of the wearer.

THE AADVIK PENDANT: ‘Aadvik’ means unique. The pendant is inspired by the unique essence of flexibility in geometric form. The triangular piece of enameled gold adds charm and elegance to the piece.

THE DIVIT PENDANT: ‘Divit’ means immortal. The little golden darts of the shadow of one of the squared element behind the initial square suggests a never-ending process of new things. Design fusion and its contemporary involvement is the new trend.

THE ABHAY PENDANT: ‘Abhay’ means fearless. Abhay Pendant stands confident and unafraid highlighting the textured form in a bold avatar.

THE AADRUT PENDANT: ‘Aadrut’ means related to earth. It highlights the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, and the self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, and god.

THE MANVIT PENDANT: ‘Manvit’ means the most respectable. The pendant displays a beautiful arrangement of three rings in one square, balancing all the elements around.

THE NAMIT PENDANT: ‘Namit’ means modest. As the name suggests, it means something limited and moderate. The small textured squares represent the achievements in one’s life and the feeling of rejoicing the same in the corner of the heart.

THE NEEL PENDANT: ‘Neel’ means blue. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. The Pendant represents serenity and stillness in the rush of hectic life.

“DARSH” collection offers a wide array of pendants in beautiful designs with an amazing concept behind it. To have a look at the complete collection, visit our website:

For additional information, please contact: or call +91 8860228778

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