Venus Concept launches its Non-Invasive Feminine Health device Venus FioreTM - Stratton Leo Communication
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Venus Concept launches its Non-Invasive Feminine Health device Venus FioreTM

In addition to the pre-existing devices the brand offers, Venus Concept launched Venus FioreTM in India that assures Maximum Patient comfort with No downtime.

New Delhi | October 2017: Eyeing the concerns related to Feminine Health, Venus Concept, a revolutionary leader in the field of medical aesthetics industry launched their powerful & advanced multi treatment device, Venus FioreTM in India.

Melissa Kang, VP Global Marketing Venus Concept says:“Our idea of innovation is always focused towards safe, comfortable & effective treatment. We understand the concerns and need for feminine health and then coming up with Venus Fiore™ a platform for treatments resulting in internal vaginal health restoration, labia tightening, and mons pubis reduction.”

According to Dr. Navneet Magon, Consultant in Urogynecology and Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology at the Fortis La Femme Hospitals, a globally renowned Cosmetic Gynecologist who is also the President of The Society of Cosmetic Gynecology, and the first Gynecologist in India to use Radio-frequency treatments for Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation says:Women deserve a right to live their lives, their way! And the Quality of their lives does matter as it’s our FOGSI theme of the year also: SHE MATTERS. The new multipolar radio-frequency technology coupled with PEMF seems like a big technological leap over the existing technology, and a promising new thing in the arena of Non-surgical Vulvo-vaginal Rejuvenation. It promises to be a futuristic treatment modality, which is operator independent and extremely safe and non-surgical way of feminine rejuvenation. I’m looking forward to helping women with this amazing new device.

Dr. Dipti  Dipak  Patel Infertility Specialist & Cosmetic Gynecologist expert and Director of Love N Care Hospital, Surat says, “In the era of women empowerment women is very conscious about her health & hygiene. Feminine Hygiene not only battles against the infection and detrimental diseases but it creates an aura of freshness around when she is busy with the chores. Venus Fiore system helps to stabilize the vaginal mucosal health, maintain vaginal PH and also in a proliferation of Lactobacilli – An essential bacteria of overall vaginal health.”

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Joy Shah, Managing Director & Designated Partner, Venus Concept India says:“Indian Feminine Health Market is less penetrated due to lack of information & non-availability of treatment options. Besides this, people often misunderstand feminine health treatment with cosmetic treatment. So, awareness of feminine health is really important.”

Venus treatments are popular among doctors and patients alike because of advanced and effective technology, pain-free and comfortable treatment experience, no downtime post-treatment, safe for all skin types and optimal outcomes.

We are planning to achieve 10-12% share in Indian Feminine Health market over the period of 2 years. We are moving towards our vision of expanding base across the country, which enables us to announce our showcases in New Delhi, Bangalore and Ranchi starting pre-Diwali, ensuring us to set a strong footprint for Venus FioreTM in the Gynecology market.

Venus Concept India operates with a unique business model in the Indian market, that is a subscription business model offered by Venus Concept Canada. It’s the first and only subscription-based business model in the industry and keeps up the consumer’s interest with a fully customizable payment plan.

About Venus Concept:

Venus Concept is a pioneer in the medical aesthetics industry with an experience of over 15 years in the field of dermatology. Venus concept has its own Research and Development Centre and manufacturing facility which allows us to control the entire process of product development and manufacturing. This enables us to provide advanced devices of superior quality as well as the flexibility to create unique solutions for our partners.

Venus Concept is present in over 60+ countries with26+ direct offices and over 3,000,000+ treatments performed every year across the globe.

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