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Easysparepart com Revolutionizing the Online Spare Part Market

With the nationwide implementation of the revolutionary ‘Make in India’ campaign, the Indian spare parts industry is flourishing like never before. As per a report by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), the FDI inflows in the manufacturing sector of India grew by 82% year after year and reached US$ 16.13 billion during April-November 2016. In this effervescent atmosphere, the spare parts industry is also booming with immense demand from every nook & corner of the country. In this scenario, the leading giants of the industry are taking the digital route to offer a dynamic platform to manufacturers and buyers to buy and sell their spare parts in the most efficient manner.

In this competitive market, with 72 categories, 100 brands, and 1,50,000 products, Easysparepart.com is on the verge of acquiring the top slot amongst the fast emerging e-commerce platform for the spare parts industry.

Easysparepart.com—Not Just An E-commerce Portal

Easysparepart.com is one of the leading online B2B marketplaces to procure industrial goods from authentic, highly reputed brands in the national & international market. The one-stop-destination for industrial supplies & spare parts fall under the brand name Mittal Portfolio which was established in the year 2007.

Easysparepart.com—The Concept

Mittal Portfolio is a renowned name in the share and stock market. With an aim to spread its wings wide across the open sky, Easysparepart.com was established in the year 2013. With a mission to offer a hassle-free business experience on the digital platform, the trio Mr. Vikas Mittal, Mr. Ankit Mittal & Mr. Manish Mittal (Directors, Easysparepart.com) continuously work towards expanding the product portfolio by leading the bandwagon and giving new ideas & concepts every single day!


  • India’s first spare parts based e-commerce portal.
  • Easy access & availability of high-quality spare parts rarely available in the market.
  • 72 categories, 100 brands & 1,50,000 products listings.
  • An extensive list of categories & sub-categories of industrial supplies.
  • Get genuine spare parts without any hassle.
  • A talented team of engineers, officers, ground level & business analyst to manage the work.
  • Both online and offline orders can be placed.

Current Scenario- Market Position  

The journey of Easysparepart.com has been quite amazing and inspiring. With a strong leadership, systematic execution and new strategies, the company has carved a niche in the booming industrial segment. The market statistics reaffirm this fact strongly. While other e-commerce portals like Tolexo and Industrybuying.com failed to survive in this cut-throat competition & market fluctuations, Easysparepart.com keeps on riding the success ladder year after year.

In comparison to Tolexo that has a staff of approximately 450 people and Industrybuying.com, with a staff of around 420 people, Easysparepart.com has a staff of only 30 to 35 professionals who are taking the company forward. The annual sale of approximately 6.2 corers in the year 2016 is the testimony to the fact that the company is here to stay for long!

Here’s a crisp comparison of the three companies that started off almost at the same time.

Opening Year Company Name Staff Product Ratio Brand Ratio Total Sales 2016
2012 Industry buying App. 450 600000 3700 App. 4 corers
2013 Easysparepart App. 30 150000 100 App. 6.2 corers
2014 Tolexo App. 420 1000000 8000 App. 4 corers

Industrybuying.com                                          TOLEDO                                             EASYSPAREPART


Within the time span of 4 years, the company has achieved a major milestone with a tie-up with 30 plants of the world-renowned Hindustan Unilever through its consultancy Corbus LLC USA.

Success ‘Factor’

Throwing light on the commendable progress of the company, Mr. Manish Mittal says that “While earning a profit is the ultimate aim of every enterprise, Easysparepart.com strives to introduce the latest techniques, advancements and new software in our business process. While our competitors like Tolexo is planning to lay off their 300 employees due to slow business, we believe in using our own funds to run our business instead of taking loans from the banks. Moreover, we work tension free without any burden of loans.”

For more details please visit: http://www.easysparepart.com

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